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Most Recent Projects

Ah-Deli has been putting himself out there in every way possible. His most recent projects include the Heruvian Woke Mixtape and the soon to be released album WORLD HOP! Check out the discography page for these projects, past projects, and future projects.

Heru Heru

Everyday heroes, Heru Heru. This dynamic duo’s passion for healing the community with hip-hop… no. Heal hop!

Ah-Deli and Foundation along with their producer Konscience Beatz have released their first album, Heal Hop.

Host of the MC2MC Podcast

The MC2MC Podcast is a podcast shot in Nashville, Tennessee, and produced by The Upstate Sound. The MC2MC Podcast’s goal is to represent the emcees of music city as well as showcase and bring to light the strong hip-hop community in Nashville.

Bringing “Heal Hop” To Nashville

The East Nashvillian Magazine covers the Heal Hop movement, founded by Heru Heru. Check out their article on how the Heal Hop is being brought to the Nashville Music Scene

Soul of the City

Heru Heru found some radio time with WXNA 101.5. Aired on the Soul of the City show with Erica in the month of August. Check out our radio spots by clicking the links below.

August 20, 2020 — Time Stamp 06:20
August 13, 2020 — Time Stamp 34:00
August 6, 2020 — Time Stamp 16:54